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Focus on: The Leather Puffa Jacket

September 2, 2010

Puffa jackets have come a long way. From 13th-century padded armour to cliched 90’s images of East 17 wearing theirs with awful jeans and baseball caps, the quilted jacket is an item that resonates with all of us. No other garment conjours up images of 70s ski chalets and hip-hop rudeboys alike.

Fresh for autumn, Fullcircle’s design team have re-interpreted this iconic garment in leather for a tougher, unique feel. Modelled by Luke Worrell in the lookbook (styled by Clare Richardson, the Telegraph’s menswear editor and member of London Fashion Week’s MAN panel), it’s the thinking man’s take on the ubiquitous biker. Puffa jackets have had a resurgance recently- think of Barbour, Burberry and Lavenham’s quilted field jackets- as well as London Fashion Week designers like Christopher Shannon , who collaborated with Puffa, who in turn used to make jackets for the Royal Family!

This jacket’s a world away from the Michelin Man-style high street ones you might remember from school. The fit’s a lot leaner, a lot more tailored with ergonomic elbow patches on the sleeves and a front zip and toggle button fastening. The hood can be buttoned up in the depth of winter, and the whole thing wouldn’t look too out of place over tailoring, suits and ties, either. The quilting’s also constructed of big, stitched rectangles to make it a lot lighter but still give that toasty, quilty and protected feel.

Styled with the Vacy straight-leg jean and Ercon wool hoodie, then add a pair of boots… We like these, from Firetrap.

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