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Faux Fabulous…

September 28, 2010

Everyone’s been talking about shearling, so it wasn’t long before our obsessions moved onto the heavier stuff… the classic, investment faux-fur jacket. We’ve realised that faux-fur actually looks a lot better (and, of course, is a million times less cruel) but allows you to go for crazy colours, textures and get things looking absolutely perfect.

Here’s a selection of the finest faux-fur pieces from our affiliates, including Hed Kandi’s new fashion range (a must-see), Firetrap’s throw-on fur parka and Russian-influenced military hat and a fur snood from Fullcircle. Best worn with a dress and heels to channel Carrie Bradshaw by way of Love magazine’s Katie Grand with a dash of Where The Wild Things Are.

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Hed Kandi:



Belted Coat by Hed Kandi, £120

Oversized Mongolian Gilet by Hed Kandi, £150

Rowe Faux-Fur Hat by Firetrap, £25

Essa Faux-Fur Parka by Firetrap, £130

Tina Faux-Fur Stoles by Fullcircle, £45 each

Minnillo Fitted Parka by Fullcircle, £145

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