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Firetrap: The New Embellishment

October 4, 2010

Graphic tees have been around for a while now, and we love them as an easy way to add some pattern and texture into your wardrobe. We’ve given some of our favourite tips to wear down below, but in the meantime prepare to feast your eyes on some of autumn/winter’s most blingin’ tees. Bringing a fresh and innovative edge to the art of jersey, Firetrap have studded, patchworked and metallicized their tops with a range of exclusive, original designs playing on the brand’s London heritage and love of punk. Play spot-the-reference and promote them on your blog now- or sign up as an affiliate using the link below, for free, to receive cashback every time someone clicks on your banner.

As always, contact us for any questions!

Goldskull hoodie, £105

I love Vicki tee, £25

London Calling tee, £60

We’re so Pretty tee, £60

Guns tee, £25

Three ways to wear these New Embellished tees!

1. Tuck into a pair of carrot jeans and finish with a pair of braces- available everywhere, but we love scouring eBay and charity shops

2. Wear as a base layer under an open check shirt (try Firetrap’s Orion and Buckshot styles)- remember to keep the sleeves rolled up!

3. Wear under a blazer, again with the sleeves rolled up. A sharp-shouldered, striped or cropped vintage version will allow all those graphics and embellishment to shine.

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