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Firetrap X Kate Moross

October 7, 2010

Kate Moross. Firetrap. Need we say more? One (below) is an uber-talented graphic designer and art director, only 24 years of age, having worked with everyone from Cabdury’s to Vogue to Topshop to La Roux and provided visuals, album covers, t-shirts and illustrations for plenty of amazing bands including Simian Mobile Disco, Heartsrevolution and Midnight Juggernauts (did we mention she has her own record label, Isomorphs?) Yes, we’d be jealous if she wasn’t so good.

Her latest project is an update of Firetrap’s iconic Alpha watch, in three unisex, strictly limited edition colourways. With a wild graphic face designed by Kate, what better way to start wearing next Spring’s colour trend?

The media’s already raving about them, with coverage from Vogue, Time Out and Attitude below. With the launch next week, they’re sure to be everywhere. Sign up as a Firetrap affiliate and earn from your blog– or if you’re already an affiliate, start promoting now and get in touch with us for more news and info.

Firetrap X Kate Moross in Vogue

Kate Moross X Firetrap in Time Out

Kate Moross X Firetrap in Attitude


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