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Fly53: TWO new competitions

October 22, 2010

Fly53 know how to treat their fans, and this week is no exception….

First up is a major competition for the ‘outfitters for the resistance’, kicking off today (October 22nd) through to the 31st. Our sources tell us…

“After many years of whispers and rumors FLY53 founding Father, Captain Lenny ‘Wolfman’ Grubbs was finally discovered and tempted back into the FLY53 fold. Mystery, supposition and controversy still surround his life and his activities remain hazy to even the inner most circle of Fly53.  Suffice to say ‘The Wolfman’ is back. To commemorate him and the original FLY53 team a collection of engraved skulls have been created, with a special Limited Edition “Golden Skull” for The Wolfman himself.

Who knew that Fly53’s name is actually taken from the ‘under-publicised’ 1970 Bolivian Olympic games. Featuring the now-outlawed sport of “Full Contact Kickball” for the first and last time, the story goes that the games were dominated by the FLY53 team,  (Dubbed “The Wolf Team” due to the beast-like  appearance of team captain Lenny Grubbs), scoring a record number of points and inflicting an unprecedented amount of injuries on opposing team members. Back in the UK, the seemingly invincible “Wolfman Grubbs” was kidnapped by a radical anti-kickball protest group, his fate remained a  mystery for many years, although rumours suggested he was neutered and found working as a florist in Kidderminster!”

In honour of ‘The Wolfman’, they’ve hidden skulls across the site allowing you to get £53 off every offer over £150! Plus the chance to win a gold skull and a special Fly53 prize. There will be one winner announced per day between 25th and 31st October 2010, which means there are 7 chances of winning!

That’s not all… for everyone signing up to their mailing list, they’re offering the chance to everyone who signs up to their mailing list to win a year’s worth of Fly53 t-shirts. Check it out here.

As always, if you like what you see, copy and paste onto your blog and join up to the Fly53 affiliate program at this link to earn commission, totally free, from banners and links on your site or blog.

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